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Birthdays, Weddings, Anniversaries, Any Party you want to make Lively! Do you have an event coming up? One where you want people to have a good time? You’ve come to the right place!

It’s not all about Tango. I can teach Blues, Swing and Salsa as well, any of the dances that started out on the street. Whatever music you like, I can get people moving to it.

3 different ways to make your party amazing:


Mirabai Solo: I liven up the party by teaching easy, accessible, fun steps. I get people dancing and enjoying themselves.

Dynamic Duo: I bring a professional partner and we wow the audience with a show. Then we get everyone involved and animated.

Entertainment Package with Live Band: Live Band, Live Show and engaging lesson entertains the crowd into the night.

Contact me  510-394-7478

What people are saying:

“Mirabai surpassed all my expectations. She was a complete pro from start to finish and just radiated joy, warmth, and ease. Her enthusiasm for dance was so contagious that she got everybody inspired before she even performed. She could have made a broomstick look good. We were mesmerized and ready to do whatever she told us when it was our turn.

At one point in the lesson I looked up and saw that the whole yard was filled and every single person was dancing and having a great time. Lots of folks said what a great idea this was, that they’d never been to a party like this. It helped make my 50th the best birthday ever!” – Gwen

“She is very  bright, full of positive energy. She is like a great orator with an abundance of contagious enthusiasm. She gathers everyone’s attention with her presence. Her classes always offer the feeling of romance, dramatics, fun, electrifying contagious enthusiasm. ” – Page

“I was captivated by Mirabai’s versatility and precision. She is an amazingly talented dancer and dance coach, and her energy is always positive and high. I had developed insecurities about my dance early on, and Mirabai’s approach to dance coaching helped me develop confidence. If you’re looking for someone to warmly nudge you out of your comfort zone and give you the tools to improve your dance, she’s great.” – Jocelyn

“She is an extraordinary teacher and dancer! Few teachers would show this type of dedication to Argentine Tango: she went to Argentina for five years to study the dance, culminating in a competitive performance where she was ranked in the top ten tango dancers in the world! But even more important than her mastery of the dance is her ability to teach with just the right admixture of patience, persistence, and humor. If you like how she dances (and who wouldn’t?) you will love her as a teacher.”  - Harry

Mirabai Tango official website and blog. Learn tango in Oakland, San Francisco, East Bay, Cupertino, and San jose. She is teaching Argentine Tango lessons, Milonga and Tango Vals (or Tango Waltz). Learn to dance and find Mirabai’s classes here or on tango mango. Contract Mirabai for party entertainment for private shows or professional dance entertainment for corporate events.