Tango With George Garcia in Hawaii

Mirabai Lives To Dance

“Tango is the union of beings, even if just for a moment. It is the breath that you take as one when the music lifts you out of the mundane and carries you to another realm” Mirabai

Whether you are looking to learn tango, get coaching to perform yourself, or you’re looking for an amazing show at your event, Mirabai will transport you to a world you will never forget.

“When she performed it was pure sizzle.” -Gwen

“I love her classes, she is not only an elegant, beautiful dancer but also a passionate teacher.” – Shiao



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 Mirabai Tango official website and blog. Learn tango in Oakland, San Francisco, East Bay, Cupertino, and San jose. She is teaching Argentine Tango lessons, Milonga and Tango Vals (or Tango Waltz). Learn to dance and find Mirabai’s classes here or on tango mango. Contract Mirabai for party entertainment for private shows or professional dance entertainment for corporate events.